The top end.
You’ve found it.

“How did you do that?”

How did we find the home that you couldn’t? How did we buy the home that you found—for so much less than you were told?

Well …

We were Australia’s first buyers’ advocates, so there’s hardly a significant home that we haven’t bought or inspected. (If we don’t know the owners, we probably know the neighbours.)

Personal contact is essential. More and more it’s how homes are changing hands at the top. Quietly. No open houses. Often, no agents.

But enough about us. We’re here for you.

Top End Tales
            • Winter (for those who forgot) – “Some lessons for migratory estate agents who haven’t been around in MEL for longer than they can remember. Lesson 1. Is this winter? You open a door and it’s really cold. That’s a sign that it’s probably winter and you’re not in the South of France. Lesson 2. Things still get bought. Home things. (Yes! Really!) You thought everything went dead every time you went away and you still haven’t heard that over the last month there’s been activity at $10.5m, $11.75m, $12.5m, $10.6m, $11.5m, $19.8m, $8m and $14.5m…..”


A post-budget boing? That’s rarely heard. Yet Boing! it did. In the week after the budget, $320m+ changed hands in Toorak, including two homes which had been begging for attention for over 6 months (one reverberating to six expressions of interest, leaving five interested parties with pockets full of $20m


“Why didn’t I come to you first?”

Finding the right home…

We meet. Ideally in person, but by phone or email or you can brief us online if you prefer. You tell us everything.

Are you looking for lifestyle? Investment? Both? We ask you all the obvious questions and some you’ve never thought of. You tell us every last thing that you can about the way you live, where you want to live, the architectural styles that attract you, the schools you need, the services you need, the…

And how much you want to spend.

We give you examples of properties which have sold recently and could have met your criteria. You get a good idea of the market; we get a good idea of what really interests you.

We ask you to sign an Authority to begin work on your behalf and then we go looking. Not just among one or two agents, among them all. Not just the properties they have listed publicly, all the properties they have – including houses that agents are yet to list and homes which will never be offered in public nor found on the internet.

You don’t spend days hunting through real estate ads and weekends looking at properties you don’t want. You’re not dragged along to auctions by agents who suggest prices that are not realistic.

Sometimes we hit it in one. More often we’ll make a shortlist, make appointments to view homes at times which suit you, then represent you (and only you) in negotiations or at auction.

… at the right price.

We start with greater in-depth knowledge of what’s available than any selling agent can hope to have (agents just see their own listings, we see them all).

We establish the value of the property, the selling climate of the area and the situation and expectations of the vendor.

We know the psychology of negotiation and of auctions. Whether auction, private or off-market sale, we can see through the ploys, cut out dummy bidders, stop the bidding frenzy. If confrontation is called for, we’ll confront.

We – not the agent – control the process.

What can we do that you

  • We’re professionally detached – not emotionally involved.
  • We’ll check out all the pros and cons before you even dream of reaching for your cheque book.
  • We’ll give you an expert opinion on what’s a fair price.
  • We’ll find out all there is to find out about the vendor.
  • We’ll find out all there is to find out about the neighbourhood.
  • We’ll advise you on tactics. If it’s an auction, are you better to purchase before or to wait?
  • If it’s an auction, we’ll control it.
  • We’ll suss out any dummy bidders.
  • We’ll negotiate on your behalf. We’ll bid on your behalf.
  • We’ll save you the anxiety. And the money.

We are very, very good at saving money.

You’re not in Australia?

First answer one question: are you interested in an investment property; or are you coming to Australia to live?

Investment Properties

Under Australian law, if you are not an Australian resident, there may be restrictions on your buying existing property unless you have the approval of the Foreign Investment Review Board. You are free to buy new properties. This has led to a great deal of “investment” property being sold prior to construction; often on the basis of little more than a glossy brochure and limited-term guaranteed rental.

In many cases (not all), the promoters of these schemes will be the only ones who profit.

Because we are independent, we can advise which properties do offer the greatest potential as investments. But we always counsel beginning with a complete investment strategy.

We should talk.

Residential Properties

Coming to Australia to live? We can start your house-hunting before you arrive.

We’ll take into account your lifestyle, your kids’ needs, your pets’ needs, your need for a beach, for a marina, for a golf course…

And budget.

We’ll inspect properties and provide you with reports and photos by email. Not just the stunning sunsets; shots of any faults we find, too.

When you do land, we’ll visit the properties on the short-list, then negotiate the purchase or bid at auction.

What we cost

2% of the sale price if we find and evaluate the property and then bid or negotiate on your behalf. 1% if you find the property and engage us only to bid or negotiate. Plus GST. (And that is typically a small fraction of what we’ll save you.)

No success? No fee.

But we will succeed; and we will save your time, money and peace of mind.

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