The games too many agents play

The Nobel Memorial Prize for Economics was awarded for insights including what happens when you’re bidding on a home — in auctions, private sales and Expressions of Interest.

Stop agents’ games

Too many agents use prices to manipulate both buyers and sellers.

When buyers ask, they’ll swear a home will go for $X when they know it will go for $X+++ 

On the other side of the action, to persuade sellers to list with them, they’ll insist that only they can get $X+++++ when they know that home will never go that high (they’ll lower the seller’s expectations later — they call it conditioning).

the agent and the buyer

So go ahead and ask…

“What will it sell for?”

If you enjoy watching agents bob and weave, that’s your question.

Then you might follow up with:

What’s the reserve?

Just don’t expect straight answers.

Play The Nobel Card

The Nobel Memorial Prize for Economics spells out when auction prices go highest.

It’s when there are no secrets. When everyone knows all there is to know.

If you know the real expectations, you’re much better equipped to bid with confidence.

Tell the agent the the Nobel Prize was awarded for showing (among other things) that it’s good for prices when agents are up-front.

Still no answer?

Ask whether the seller knows how much the agent’s games are costing. 

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The Auctioneer


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