Brief us online?

No time to waste? You can spend 10-15 minutes or more on this questionnaire. While it is long, the more detail you can give us, the more time we’ll save later. If you would prefer not to answer some questions, leave those blank. Does everyone who will be affected by this purchase agree with all the answers you’re giving? If you’re not sure, download a .pdf version and print out the form so everyone can complete their own. You can then talk through any differences you may have. While this is enough to get us started, we will also require you to sign an Authority to act on your behalf. A copy of that Authority is here NB It’s on-line at your end, but human at ours (don’t expect an instant response from a database search).

If we find a property then bid or negotiate, our fee is 2% of the sale price. If you find the property and engage us only to bid or negotiate, our fee is 1%. (Plus GST) If there is no sale, there is no charge.

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