Bullets. Briefly.

Morrell and Koren, the 1st buyer's advocates

  • 5 selling weeks ’til Santa shows up. Panic, anyone?
  • A couple of Mr Gillespie’s piles have sold well. As expected:
  • One agency is kicking goals. Better operators? Better stock?
  • There are as many people as we have seen in a long time ready to part with $4-10 million or more; but little to part with it on. It’s chicken and egg time (again).
  • Over the last couple of weeks, offers with cheques have persuaded several long-time wallflowers to come out and dance. Prices seemingly fixed in the stratosphere … weren’t.
  • Expect some significant sales and some significant fails over the next two weeks. Our phones are ringing for some, silent for others.
  • We’re hearing stories that some cowboys are riding again. Selling for less than other buyers would pay and getting listings in return — while offering dog-ate-my-homework excuses: “My phone battery went flat.” Yes. Right. Those games are old and have use-by dates that tend to end with careers.


David Morrell



Even briefer. Back next week …

Damian Taylor

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