War Stories

Nuclear-powered submarines? Really? Just wait 20 years until we get to play with them? Not needed when right here right now in our very own backyard we have HMAS Post-Lockdown prowling clouded waters while unloading $30m and $40m torpedoes. Not that we didn’t tell you to Be Prepared. From the front Since mid-Winter a horde …

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The cyclone at the top

How many unprecedenteds can line up in a row? Last week’s unprecedented is history and next week is likely to make this week seem tranquil. Climate change predicts stronger cyclones. Top end real estate’s strengthening cyclone is all about human change. What’s the weather like? Conservative reserves are being blown away by bids 10-20% above …

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Chaos. No theory.

Welcome to this year and a bedlam of “I’ll tell you what’s coming…” from those property gurus with 20% holes in their feet right where they shot themselves last year. What’s hot at the top? You’re on a beach on either side of the Peninsula and in need of $20m+? You’ll be killed in the …

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