A change in the weather

Morrell and Koren, the 1st buyer's advocatesEaster came, Easter went and suddenly it was like the drinks were on the house in the pub with no beer.

The bar was chokkas. Where the choice had been a couple of tired lemons, there was at last reason for some excitement.

At $4-5 million, for instance, there were seven on offer: two AAA’s will be causes for celebration while the B’s and C’s will learn to be patient.

Reversion to habit

Under-quoting. It’s all on again (even if those charged with preventing it can’t see a problem that any buyer who has been in the market for more than 30 seconds will tell you is rampant):

  • “We’ve got interest at…” Yes. You would. That would be giving it away.
  • “… anywhere between $3 and $4 million.” (Hawthorn) Think closer to $4.5 million — and, even in your own quote, if you can’t get closer than a 25% spread you really should be doing something else.
  • “$1.4 million.” (Armadale). Well, the consensus in the queue outside is over $2 million and we know who to believe.

Where spin doesn’t rule

In the world of off-market and truly high-end, games are played differently. The players know value so there’s little spin around price. Where it gets interesting is in the three-card games around process. EOI’s with moving finish lines have become a popular Winter game.

Asleep at the wheel

$20 million plus. A potential buyer (not our client, but may be soon) wants to take a second look and the agent’s PA gets back with the news that the agent is too busy and “might” get in touch a week later.

Vendor’s apoplexy yet to be recorded.

Flying sq m

Top end penthouses — both established and off-the-plan are in danger of pricing themselves out of the game.

$12,000/metre was, not so long ago, more than enough. Now we’re hearing of fishing trips at $17-20,000.


No harbour view. No SYD show.

It’s getting out of line with some great bragging rights much closer to the ground.

And there’s a long way to fall.

David Morrell

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