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Morrell and Koren, the 1st buyer's advocates Welcome to this year. May your voyage be a fulfilling one.

What’s up at the top end?

January was unusual. Three big transactions in town when, usually, there’s nothing to shout about.

All, yes, homes which were carry-overs from last year (including Hopetoun Road) but in most years these kinds of sales would have been unlikely until closer to Easter.

Then …

Love is in the air

There’s a way of negotiating which we have long been arguing for and it’s slowly gaining ground.

At the top end it’s not unusual to find that there’s only one buyer who is seriously interested in a property at a level that also interests the vendor.

The typical ritual is agents to-ing and fro-ing between them with all the perils of missed calls, missed communications, misinterpretations…

People who have never met can end up hating each other.

“Put us all in a room together,” we argue. “Everyone, including the partners.”

And it’s happening. Sales are being made which satisfy both sides because each can understand the concerns of the other. What develops is a genuine endeavour to make the transaction work.

What’s coming?

The great machine is creaking back into life for another year and there are a few early signs of what is ahead — at least leading up to Easter.

It’s still about quality.

As seen in Portsea over summer, there has been a fair amount of action (‘tho auctions tended to be hit or miss) but not a real trophy in sight.

Back in town it’s becoming clear that there will be a lot of choice, but true quality will still be hard to find.

It  seems those who have it are staying put; at least until after Easter.

David Morrell

damian copy

Bayside. Back next week.


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