Going … going … Ouch.

Is the election to blame?

No. The wheels have been falling off  a lot of the action since Cup week.

EOI Ouch

The great big pile of Expressions Of Interest which closed last week. Not a SOLD sign among them.

(It’s the price, people, it’s the price.)

Inspections Ouch

Saturday’s opens may as well have stayed shut. Nobody came. Echo chambers.

Buyers Ouch

Where have all the buyers gone? Six weeks ago there would be two or three showing real interest.

Now? Nary a murmur, even for top-rated top end homes.

Agent Ouch

Announcing the Utterly Reliable Market Indicator (URMI), now based on the scientifically untested Agent Face Index (AFI).

The AFI? The pre-sale expressions on agents’ faces. Over the past six weeks the AFI has crashed from Smug 10 to Ouch 7.

Ouch 7 = “This is going to hurt.”

The URMI has now plummeted 42 points in as many days and is now at: “Bring on Christmas. I’ve had enough.”

Ouch Predictions Audit

Ouches predicted here (and proved true over the past month):

  • massive waste in ad dollars
  • market meeting wall
  • buyers announcing year is over

750 Orrong Ouch

On the market again? Why?

Too tired of the Whole Damn Thing?

Election Ouch x 2

Libs’ pre-election promise: “We’ll clean up underquoting by making agents publish reserves.”

That’s nice. Long overdue, but nice.

Bongiorno reacts: “What underquoting?”

(And what planet is he from?)

REIV goes to war in full-page ads: “VOTE THEM OUT”

And then it’s heads rolling and ouches all ’round.

You can’t say it’s not entertaining.

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