Interesting Times

… or one person’s curse is another’s blessing.

Making sense of the logic of a lot of today’s agents is akin to trying to predict the flight of a blowfly. (OK, you can expect some window-bounces, but apart from that…)

Amazing Appreciation

Albany Road offered at $35-38m? Was that the home that went for $12m a couple of years ago? Did a blowfly just hit a window?

Tis The Season To Rug Up

The leaves are leaving, winter looms. 

Markets hibernate in winter so don’t look for SOLD signs in Avalon Road, Albany Road or Montrose Court any time soon.

Will they re-emerge under shiny new agents? It wouldn’t be the first time.

A Home That Should Have Found A Home

4 Heyington Place. Ticks a lot of boxes but is yet to join the dance. Suitors, however, are circling.

Glory Be!

The super agent who claimed 11 sales last week. Awesome!


That was between eight offices and 85 sales people. 

Patience. Virtue. Old Story.

20% under Council valuation? Yes, last week. Nice counter-argument to Fools Rush In.

Significant discounts on suggested price ranges? That too. Agents are still over-quoting and then reality comes back with a very painful bite.

Pinocchio Persists

You may recall, last week:

“We’ve got two parties in the price range and the property will be sold by 4pm today and you’ll lose it if you don’t make an offer!”

Yup. Still available.

A Hint To The Wondering

If a property is still there three days after an EOI closes, games are being played or there’s no sale to see.

The Ostrich Factor

Prices that are way above where they should be and agents that just can’t see it. It’s a hard lesson, but being blind to the market is not a winning strategy.

Has Anyone Seen 1999?

Buyers making offers subject to the sale of their own property. That’s something we haven’t seen for a very very very long time.

Take A Bunny Break

Easter. Have a good one.

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