It’s Flipped

Game over. Tigers in a canter. Crowds pour out of the MCG.

So where did they all go?

To open houses, that’s where.

One had 70 groups through on Saturday and another 30 on Sunday.

Queuing. People were queueing.

Who could have expected the market to flip so quickly?

Well, if you’re asking: Us.

We predicted this months ago.

The Market Is Off-market

There’s the odd top-end vendor still chancing a marketing campaign but most no longer see the need.

Why would you invite all the hassle and expense when you could avoid strangers tramping through, sightseers stealing your decorator ideas and the occasional housebreaker checking for loot.

Give a fixed price to multiple agents and stay in control?

It’s happening more and more.

Dancing At Last

Some failed EOI wallflowers have at last found partners — although at prices more realistic than they’d hoped.

19 Albany Road. Sold.
28 Irving Road. Sold

40% Over Reserve. Really?

People, settle. Too much is too much.

Just stop it.

Summer Is Calling

The share market’s dicey and bonds lack interest.

Holidays are coming.

Shoreham, Flinders, Red Hill, Portsea.

There’s interest there.

EOI? Run!

Playing the agents’ games at Expressions of Interest sales is every bit as perilous as buying off the plan.

There’s too much at stake, too much can go wrong and the agents hold all the cards.

If you must, get a frequent EOIer to hold your hand.

“Let’s build!”  “Let’s not!”

Those who start out looking for land, more and more, are deciding that it’s just too hard.

It’s not just that good land is hard to find, it’s that it opens the Pandora’s box of what’s to follow.

That starts with A for Architect and then comes the thousands of decisions you’ll need to make before you get the key to the door.

Yes. Go ahead. But be prepared.

Your next two years are going to be … interesting.

“We can’t tell you, but it sold between 10 and 11.”

Is the price undisclosed because you told the owner to expect $12m and had to settle for somewhere under $11m?

Thought so.

FOMO Epidemic

Agents not getting back to you?

Homes you’d die for going before you hear about them?

You’re not alone. Agents’ memories can be very selective; especially in rising markets.

Don’t depend on them calling you.

Annoy them. And again.

Make letting you know about the home you need their one hope of peace.

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