Nobody Move!

The Story of Summer at The Top End

The cliff-hangers of Portsea are hanging on (not one sale).

Ditto all along the coast from Phillip Island to Lorne.

Ditto the city’s salubrious streets (there’s action behind closed doors, but move along—there’s nothing to see here).

On the horizon? Clear air punctuated by the occasional vendor with delusions of dollars.

The pipe. That’s the problem. It’s blocked. Nobody moves until there’s somewhere to move to.

It’s why we’re getting more and more (quiet) calls from agents with homes to offer—a sure sign that buyers are thin on the ground.

“Buyer interest is huge. Expect to pay (insert agent’s dream here).”

FIRB Abandons Farm

Another large slice off to China. Stonnington. $52m—around $20m over where it would have made sense.

Vendors Abandon Marketing

They’ve had too many over-the-top marketing campaigns. Time to sell your shares in REA and Domain?

Market Abandons McGrath

Who could possibly be in more trouble than Barnaby Joyce?

Yes. Him

Money Abandons Fletchers

Fletchers has its day in the Federal Court and walks out with a $880k ticket. Something about underquoting.

Grapevine says they won’t be alone.

Buyers Abandon Auctioneer

Four auctions in a row and just one bid. Was it something he said?

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