Morrell and Koren, the 1st buyer's advocates

  • The Grand Prix shut down Albert Park and Middle Park for the weekend. No starters, no race.
  • Spray Farm has finally left the grid — for rather more than the $10 million + reported. Think somewhere over $13.5 million. One inspection, one bid. Race over.
  • 29 Hopetoun Road started before a crowd of 80-ish. On the market in the mid-5’s it went on for a laboured 45 minutes with two bidders to finish a hair over $6 million. No lap record.
  • Expressions of Interest nervous agents the flavour of the month:
  • EOI action? Expect soaring sales in smoke + mirrors.
  •  Under-quoting? Still. Agents who swear a property will never go anywhere near as high as what you say it will go for and then — shock! horror! — it surprises them. Again. And again. And again. When everything is exceptional, what’s an exception?
  • Want to know what somewhere is really worth? Ask other buyers.
  • Down a notch:

What’s coming?

More of the same. Nothing that should challenge any speed limits.

Christopher Koren

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