The New Normal? No Normal

Woemongers stalk the streets: “There’s nothing to sell.”

Behind closed doors, three bidders stream past $30m.

Normal? That was then.

Silent Running

It’s a submarine thing. Nothing to be seen on the surface (see Woemongers above) but intense action below (see $30m).

Web surfers and agent ringarounders are no longer in the game. Agents working 9-5 are out of the loop.

When Turnover Is Down, Sharks Go Fishing

Phantom buyers and OS would-be’s with no love from the FIRB are leaving some agents with no choice but to play with canny locals. And get eaten alive.

The Market That Wasn’t

Could it be bankers saying “No!”?

Financial advisors running from risk?

Whatever it was, the $3-5m auction market just had its worst weekend in forever.

Leaving some interesting choices still on the table.

Once Upon A Time In A Boardroom Near You

Five minutes before bidding is to begin, the auction is called off and (make a choice):

  • It’s withdrawn from sale
  • It hasn’t sold
  • The FIRB has poked its nose in
  • The vendor wants more
  • No price can be quoted

All of the above? You got it.

Upstairs Downstairs

Two agencies, supposedly working in conjunction. One working the door, the other the stairs.

The Door Man: “$12m+”

The Stairs Guy: “$9.5-10m”

We’d love to hear what the vendor has to say.

A Star Is (re)Born

Emma Bloom, one of Kay & Burton’s brightest stars, has at last seen the light and come over to the good side.

She has joined us and is already making her presence felt.

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