The Polka-Dot Market Awaits

Up here at the top end, it’s hot in spots but there’s a lot of not much in-between.

Agents are blaming the not-much on the distractions of horse races.

Agents would.

But where have those clouds of auction-waving hands really blown away to?

There are vendors staring at terminal jitters as Christmas looms—and frustrated buyers who don’t want their baubles.

Most of the hot spots are off-market. Most have just one interested party.

It’s in these spots where truffles can be found (last week, for example, we bought a Significant Residence for a number lower than a failed auction’s opening vendor bid).

Between The Dots

7 Lisbuoy Court

Sold in March, passed in in October, missed the rising price tide that was meant to raise all boats.

An illustration, if you need one, that generalisations are about as reliable as agents.

Agents? Spotty.

One lamenting last week that he is being run ragged while half his office has nothing to sell.

For some it seems, there will be few jingles for all those bells.

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