To Be. Or Not.

The to be or not to be thing. There’s a lot of it around.

The Agent’s Lament

June. Agent’s phone rings. “We’d like you to tell us how much we could get…”

July. “We’re still thinking. Maybe after the holidays?”

August. “Is now the right time? Really?”

September. “Maybe after the footy finals?”

Lots of nearly-there’s and many not-quites. Plenty of top-end agents wondering what it takes to move a property from maybe to market. It helps explain why so much happens in private.

“We’ve got a buyer. Here. Now. Look, we’ve got a contract signed already.”

Talk. Cheap.

Talk of a boom at the top end? Mostly hot air. It’s over-weighted with the over-priced and that’s not a recipe for a cooking market.

“You say 14, we say 11. Let’s call the whole thing off.”

The non-negotiable number is $14 million. The buyer consensus starts with 11.

Looks like Christmas lunch will be in the old home. Again.

New Partner. New Tune.

Wallflower homes being escorted onto the dance floor by handsome new agents with handsome new ads and newly refreshed prices.

It can work. The 2nd agent doesn’t have to live up to the price promises of the 1st and a little reality can be allowed to creep in.

Out Of Court?

Still a lot of great tennis waiting out there. It’s just a pity that some of the attached homes are not match winners.

Lost Dogs Home.

Sub-$2 million and the bids are emerging like fields of sunflowers. Move significantly higher and the expressions, often, are not of interest but more like those you’ll see on the face of a lost family dog.

“Where did they go? Where to from here?”

David Morrell

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