COVID hits the brakes. The market hits GO! (Told you so.)

OK, we got it right. When the pundits were predicting hammerings of 25% then 20% then…

We weren’t.

It’s the difference between head-in-stats and feet-on-floor.

What’s Up?

Over the last two weeks we’ve seen nine quiet transactions at around $15m. That would not have happened a month ago.

In the last week eight more $20m+ homes hit the market. Will they be snapped up or hang around ’til next year?

What’s On?

war games

If you’re into war games and have a spare $30m or so, head down to the Peninsula or Red Hill and you can have a really exciting time.

Looking for peace and quiet? Arm yourself with $4-10m and look around Melbourne. The standard on offer isn’t great and some wallflowers have been hanging around since last Christmas. It all adds up to nothing going on. Silence.

More of the same in top end apartments. Near silence as downsizers take a nap.

$1-5m? Hot, hot, hot.

That’s A Worry

Top end sellers leaving for Anywhere-But-VIC. 

It will be interesting to see whether that’s still true when the masks come off and we get our faces back.

That’s Not On

Boy-wonder agent with his first Top End listing ushers crowds through, ignoring COVID regs and ensuring none of those top enders will ever list with him.

It’s the Top End. It’s private.

Not On. Again.

The vendor who started asking to see driver licences.


You’re asking that of the pillars of the community?


Hurry Up Or…

Vendors suggesting to agents that unless there’s ink on contracts prior to Christmas their business will be someone else’s in the new year.


With money costing next to nothing, why not use the bank’s to buy a rental or two to keep for a couple of years?

It’s working for some.

Cinderella Suburb. No Ball.

The problems of not doing the math.

Auction on Ashworth Street. Paid $7.25m last year. Highest bid, the vendor’s, $6.8m.

The lyric is “Ouch!” The melody is yet to be written.

Some Confusion

Sunday’s email to you. It’s something we have on the stove but it’s not quite cooked yet. The chef has been spoken to.

More Of The Same?

Until the end of the year, that’s about what you can expect.

Stay safe.

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