Sinking or swimming?

There are sinkers and swimmers in the ever-intriguing river which is the top end. Swimmers are mostly underwater, out-of-sight sales made quickly and quietly. Down there, you are in the know or out in the cold. Sinkers? The no-ways. Save your grief and your money. Then come the litmus tests. The exceptions with the lot. […]

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Grinch Report

The bloke in the red fat suit still hasn’t got a gig. The Grinch has elbowed him aside and is on the Salubria prowl muttering “No! No! No!” While the buyers are saying, “Too much!” and “Are you kidding?” 14 St George’s Road, Toorak No $50m. “No way.” 4 Erskine Street, Armadale “Fabulous block, great

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Spring. It hurts.

Buyers are hurting. Agents are hurting. Sellers are… Who? Spring was Wonderful gardens. Cheery people. Home after great home coming up for sale. Spring is Wonderful gardens. Desperate buyers. Agents with bare boards. Sellers in hiding. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink say no more aside, wherever you look there’s a whole lot of nothing going on.

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Where did everyone go?

Tis the season to be jolly. Jolly somewhere else. Somewhere warm. Taking their cue from the plovers, snipes and stints, those top enders who have bought somewhere to move have hit the migrate button. Chasing them into Tulla’s First Class lounge are agents bearing contracts. It’s as close to a trip they’ll get because… Agents

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Just when you thought that the doomed first quarter must lead to endless winter doldrums, a starting gun is fired and the race is on again.  Serious sellers are back. Serious buyers are meeting them. Serious money is abroad.  List and sell on the same day? What kept you so long? It’s a wave that’s

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