Earthquake? That was no earthquake. 

Real estate — that’s an earthquake.

Lockdowns. On. Off. On. Off. On. Off. On. Off…

Now? Nearly On. 

And the stampede has started. With hands tied behind backs.

Day One of Nearly On and four transactions sign on the dotted. Just like post-lockdown last year. But will it last?

Now it’s Nightclub Rules. You won’t get in the door unless you know the right people. Anything worthwhile on the web is already past its sell date.

Agent Entertainments

 Grant Avenue has been busy. One wallflower has at last found a beau at a rumoured $20m, and that led to a one-agent frenzy.

She was on the phone to every house in the street, demanding they list with her and not taking no for an answer. Accusations of harassment followed soon after. Questions about how she obtained names and numbers arose. (The Voters Roll springs to mind, but that would breach the Electoral Act so it couldn’t be that.)

There are others who are untroubled by details such as laws and pandemics. “Would you like to come down this afternoon?” when lockdown was meant to be total. Fortunately, there were few bad apples.

Story from Fin ReviewAt last Consumer Affairs Victoria has come out of hiding. One rotting apple has been fined and fined and fined for repeated underquoting. It’s a lesson still to be learned by too many and is the biggest single reason why agents are so looked down on by so many people.

(You’re on a phone and the print is too small to read? The guilty party is Grant Samuel from Kay & Burton. Hello Grant!)


The five weeks it took for a vendor to sign a contract. Uncertainty itches.

Sydney prices doubling in two years. That’s yet to cross the border.

A submarine, wearing a mask

Which way is up?

Buyers, sellers and agents are equally underwater. What’s ahead? Opinions are free and worth every penny.

Hunger Games

There’s nothing like weeks and weeks of nothing doing to make agents ravenously hungry. They want listings and they want them now.


Up in the northern suburbs, at under $3m they have more going on than sticks to wave. Where we live, in Salubria, there’s little little little in the cupboard. We know the buyers are there, it’s the sellers who won’t come out to play.

How many buyers? One home in Malvern had 42 inspections in one day. That’s more than you’ll see on the oval in Saturday’s Grand Final.

Large Person Looms

It’s 12 weeks until that large person will be dropping down chimneys. Those who have been living for too long in homes they’ve outgrown face a ticking clock if they’re to move before the new year is old. Fair cause for panic.

Stay well, stay safe, be patient. Your time will come.

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