Enough! Just stop.

People, the underquoting thing is now beyond ridiculous. Way past misleading and manipulative, it’s seriously stupid.

One example, all too typical: “James*” (a disproportionate number of estate agents are called James) quotes “Around $1.5 million” and the reserve turns out to be over $2.2 million.

James explains: “We didn’t want to exclude anyone.”

Oh, James, what world do you live in? Do you know anyone who would believe that?

And if your generosity is so great, drop the price. Bring it back to somewhere near your quotation (and then explain that to your client).

James, there’s a comedy show in you and all the other Jameses who are playing the same dumb game while wasting everyone’s time and money dragging the real estate racket ever deeper into the mud.

Your show is a turkey. No-one is laughing.

It’s time you got another act.


*And apologies to all those James who are not guilty.

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