Trends. Cheap.

How many would you like? Every time we look, there’s another.

Help yourself.

Spring. Sprung. (Keep it quiet.)

Things are happening at the top but no-one is talking. Keep that to yourself.

Expats Rule. Not.

Some seriously large transactions at the top. Locals. Not a passport in sight.

Plunging $ = Foreign Raid. Not.

You spent $25m in January?

That’s over $2m in currency loss you’ll have to make good before you’re back to Square One.

No surprise that OS buyers can see both sides of that coin — not when more falls are predicted.

No surprise that we’re not seeing them at inspections.

China, China, Where Art Thou, China?

Chinese buyers. Notable by their absence at most inspections. Is the fashion for Oz hitting its use-by date?

“It’s all about choice.”

Always is. No choice, no market.

Imaginary Wallets.

The vendor tells us there are 15-20 people ready to spend $15m buying his house.

Which agent told him that?

New Game In Town.

Private auctions. All the rage. One started it, the herd quickly formed.


Because buyers are becoming too clever to be taken in by ghost bidders and other tricks of the trade at EOI’s.

The new rules? No rules.

You can guess who that works for.

An Under-quote By Any Other Name…

Last Saturday. Quote is $3.2m+ Passed in to us at $3.4m.

Reserve? $3.95m.

No. Not underquoting. Vendor Control.

The agent quoted one price and apparently (shock! horror! didn’t tell the agent?) the vendor had other ideas.

Silly us.

The Naivety Award Goes To…

The agent who called asking for our list of $25m+ homes.

The ‘What Were You Thinking?’ Award Goes To…

The agent selling his own house who asked us to come and help the bidding along.

Yes. Dummy bidding. Us. We’re all for that.

And, yes, it would be funny, but if he asked us  you can bet he asked others.

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