It’s a submarine. Wearing a mask. Isn’t everybody?

A submarine, wearing a mask

A submarine, of course, because the real AAA action (and there’s a lot) is now underwater.

And a mask because that’s what you need to go anywhere today.

So. What’s up, down at the top?

Market Crashes. Not.

Last week non-AAA land went for $8,300/sq m.

That kind of result was not alone.

The doom-singers are out of tune.

Holiday Homes! No Kidding!

The demand for escape hatches is through the roof.

For sale? For rent? Doesn’t matter, it’s gone.

It’s in Queensland?

“I’ll buy it.”

You haven’t seen it.

“I’ll buy it.”

All finished. All done.

The Torpedo Has It

The old normal is no more. The let-me-think-about-it time is up.

Now it’s the offer you can’t refuse.


The Elbows Have It

The deal is done. The elbows bump. The masks stay on.

That was an auction?

Will we ever see their street-side likes again? (At last, all those dummy bidders can come down from the trees.)

Is there still a living, breathing EOI?

Is there a museum in this?

Building Is So Hard To Do

18-month projects that are now 36.

Maybe. There’s an awful lot of no-showing going on.

It’s intensifying demand for nothing-to-do move-in-today homes, but doing nothing for supply.

Grief lives here.

Masks Are Ruining Poker

The tyre kickers and I’ll-sell-if-the-price-is-astronomic players have left the table.

The rules today make it all too hard.

Those who are playing are in it for real.

You’re Selling?

Gratuitous advice:

It’s time to grill any agent you’re considering about recents sales. Can they prove they’ve succeeded in selling homes like yours?

And last-resort Mr Google: “Check real estate agent performance.”

“Don’t tell.”

Of course not.

But the vendor did. And the sale fell over.

Weeks went by.

A sale is finally made at a figure significantly below, very significantly below, the previous number.

Loose lips. Sink ships. All that.

Meanwhile, In Doon Street

“That much? You’re kidding.”

“No. That much.”

“That’s insane.”

“That’s one hot agent.”

Six Nice Houses, Hanging In A Street

Now one has (not accidentally) fallen.

Expect the rest to be not far behind.

Deja Vu, Vu, Vu, Vu…

Agents working from home. Left hands with no idea what right hands are up to.

One feeler we put out had 22 replies in three hours.

One home was offered by four different agents.

Did the vendor appoint them all? Does the vendor know them all?

BMW Withdrawal

Agents welded to drivers’ seats and Saville Road Blue, keeping up appearances by dressing up and cruising to nowhere. It can be beyond blue.

Elbow bump on…

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