It’s Go, It’s Stop, It’s Stop Go, It’s…

The top end now has all the predictability of a set of malfunctioning traffic lights.

Looking for a signal you like?

Just wait.

Looking for sense?


It’s Go!

There’s a gale blowing from the north and the wind speed is over $10m and it’s blown locals out of the water at:

2 Heymount Close
8 Robertson Street
2 Rostill Court
11 Maple Grove

… and that’s not counting Hill Street and Chastleton Avenue.

FIRB? Nowhere in sight. No need?

Go + Go

Heyington Place. On a single day a single buyer buys two houses (one over $16m).

Why? Because they can.

Wallflowers Dance!

29 Darling Street, South Yarra. Countless offers, price changes, agent changes. Finally hits the dance floor. It only took two years.

3 Fulham Avenue, South Yarra. Reported sold, reported sold, reported…

Finally sold to a local friendly fruiterer for a fresh $11.1m.

Somewhere. $8.1m

The agent says it’s Albany Road, the map says it’s Malvern Road.

The price said: “My God!”


Under $5m? Busy.

$5-8m. Where are the buyers?

Over $8m? Busy.

Over $12m. Now there’s rarely a wallet to be seen.

Running A Red Light?

2 Myvore Court. Expectations are skyward. Reality may be an expensive traffic ticket.

Caught Speeding

Agencies making impossible promises to signup unwary sellers, then desperate to find unwary buyers.

It has to stop. Overquoting can be as damaging as underquoting.

Parked In No Standing Zone

“You’ve got to see it. It’s perfect. Huge interest, but we want you to have it.”

Well …

No garage, nowhere to park at all, a floor plan that needs a road map to find your way around, loomed over by the neighbours, overpriced…

No prizes for guessing it’s still on the market.

Just Accidents?

Things are still grubby down in the depths of the lower end of the market.

Underquoting still lives there. Little has changed since the law did.

Those lovely people at Woodards in Carlton quoted a young couple $700-770,000. Hopes duly raised.

At auction it wasn’t even on the market until $920,000.

Prahran. Quote is $1.4-1.5m. Identical house next door sold months ago for $1.64m.

Prahran collapsed and no-one noticed?

Traffic Jam


Places north offer sun.

It’s a hard offer to beat.


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