Just when you thought is was safe to…

… sell a home, buy a home, stay put, have a nice lie-down…

And then along came chaos. What wasn’t, is. What is, isn’t.

It hasn’t been done before? Life is working on that.

Jumping Off A Cliff

That cliff. Portsea.

Big, big EOI. The fun winds up in a boardroom auction.

It’s on the market. The buyer holding the bid is asked to confirm it.

fear and wonder“That’s not a bid. That’s an expression of interest, which I’m withdrawing.”


Auctioneer runs out of words (an industry first).

But it’s on the market. Where to from here?

Back to $1m below where this fiasco started.

What’s To Blame?

Post-virus blues? Putin? The weather? Interest rates? You chose the wrong shoes?

No, no, no. It’s the vendors.

They haven’t dived in and all those buyers are left treading water.

“We’ve got six buyers ready…”

EOI. Malvern. Only two buyers fronted up and then it just squeaked over the reserve.

It’s a world away from last year. Then, people were queuing up to bid.

We bid at three auctions last weekend and while all had some competition and sold where expected, there was none of the panic of last November.

Look for buyers lower down the ladder and you’ll be left admiring the dark.

Pinocchio Is An Idiot

Shoreham auction. Quote: $3.5-3.8m

$4.3m. “Is it on the market?”

It went for $6,051,000

The value of Pinocchio’s nose is $2,251,000

Consumer Affairs will love that.

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