Living dangerously, etc.

It looks like we’ve entered the era of Ohmygod!

Everywhere you look, unpredictability looms.

That’s when everyone freezes?


231 Kooyong Road. Sold last week at $12m against a reserve of $9.24m, leaving four wounded underbidders looking for four walls of salve.

6 McMaster Court. Sold at $16,088,000 to You Know Who, leaving us to ask whether the times really are a changin’

Manicurist Wanted

Among vendors, there’s piles of bitten nails in need of repair.

“When in doubt, don’t sell,” at a time when there’s a surfeit of doubt to share.

You’re buying? Get a move on

What you’ll be seeing over the next couple of weeks is about all you’ll see until March.

Keep your eyes peeled for soon-to-be EOIs. While you’re at it, bush up on your EOI game before you play.

While you’re up here

If you have a spare $50m, 14 StG Rd may be your glass of champagne. Will it be Whoppee! and a rush through the gate or will the Uncertainty Rule rule?

The times will tell.

Ready-to-move-in rules

Renovation horror stories continue.

Latest casualty is Dome, one of the top end’s preferred builders and one of 783 construction industry insolvencies this year.

When renovations can take two years or more, it’s another cheer-up for those who have done it all.

Ads are back? Really?

Aren’t those days over?

Apparently not.

They’re back (who knows for how long?). Those paper things you could hold in your hands. A sign of the rush to stand out in the pre-Christmas rush.

The fade of the Covid

The “I want a farm,” Covid days are over on the Peninsula.

The “Do I really want to pay land tax on somewhere I don’t really see all that often?” days have dawned.


Teeth are chattering. CAV has been knocking on agency doors and dentists are getting busy.

Dear Pinocchio may also have the ACCC looming.

Is change on the way?

Two weeks. Litmus time

Now we’ll see where the top end is really headed.

And a thought for those vendors facing times that have become anything but ordinary.

And hopes for those affected by conflicts they had no hand in creating.

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