Meet It Or Keep It


Amid the top end’s usual cacophony of victories and defeats, braggings and belittlings, there are signs of a healthy trend emerging. Buyers are standing up and saying they’re not going to take it any more.

They’re putting offers on the table and then standing pat. Meet it — or keep it and we’ll look elsewhere.

Undone deal.

Also refreshingly, more vendors are employing vendor advocates to look over their agents’ shoulders — especially among the wallflowers that have long been waiting for someone, anyone, to ask them to dance. It’s leading to a more pragmatic approach to negotiations and has been bearing fruit.

Hidden Commissions? Perish the thought.

They’ve been outlawed. No ad rebates for agents. Not any more. No way.

Then Fairfax shuffles a consignment of agents off to St Petersburg at a probable cost of $30,000 a head.

No rebates there. That’s a relief.

Thems were the weeks that were.

July. Dead quiet. Always is.  Nothing happens. No way.

Then Stonnington Place changes hands for a very solid $11 million — after sitting friendless for nine months.

Royal Domain sells for nearly $9 million and still needs much work.

St George’s Road over the weekend. Five frosty hands a’waving.

68 Heyington Place falls for over $4 million.

209 Kooyong Road says hello to $7.5 million.

Scarcity rules.

But. But. But.

There’s still little around, but the agents say there’s an avalanche a’coming.

Spring springing in August?

Tears Of The Month

Child star passed on an offer to a vendor, believing he’d in turn be handed the purchaser’s property.

Didn’t happen.

Tantrum follows.

David Morrell

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