Slim Pickings On The Table


The agents have come home from far and wide, filled with tales of the hell of luxury resorts from Asia to Europe to the Excited States. Along with dropping the kids off at school, it’s among the punishments they must endure.

Back at last, they seat themselves at the table, ready to dine long and well.

And they wait. And they wait.

A few very tired old dishes from Toorak are served up again; and again left lonely on their plates.

Then up pops dessert in the form of 4/44 Murphy Street and the starving descend. Six bidders rush to this neat-as-a-pin mock Tudor by chef Robert Hamilton (Esq). It’s expected to fall to a figure starting with 8 but instead goes past the million.

Same old lesson: Right location, right building and right presentation will be eaten right up.

For the rest?

Empty plates.

Diet, anyone?

Christopher Koren

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