On the road again, to …

… where?

A month ago there was talk of a market at the top end, which really only proved that talk is cheap. There were a few flutterings but nothing you could call a pulse.

Then came the election that could not be won or lost and it was lost and won and that has put the buyers back on the bus.

“Driver, do you know where we are going?”

“I was hoping you would tell me.”

Window of Uncertainty closes

The chill winds of “What if it’s Bill?” have blown out. The sigh of relief is deafening.

You managed to buy when there was doubt? Your timing is impeccable.

What does it all mean?

There was a barrel-load of reasons for not selling over the last three months. Now the buses are leaving the depot (we’re getting so many calls) (so many great calls) but there’s nowhere to go. Must-have homes at the top end are not to be found and that’s why there’s so little movement.

So …

Patience. It will change.

Ready your cheque books for mid-August.

Exceptions, rule, etc

A few which quietly changed hands in the mid-$15s and were not in Toorak.

Who loves to renovate?

Nobody comes to mind.

At the top end, if it’s not ready to move in, it’s not really in that market.

(And skips in the streets are becoming rarer.)

Chasleton Avenue’s ready-to-move-in status is crying out for a SOLD sticker.

Further down the ladder

Different story. Many going well above reserve.

Bring on August.

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