“When nothing else works, go back to basics.”

A certain football legend said that, or something like it (thanks, Ron).

As we suggested last May, and roused the doubters while doing so, a return to the basics was getting started. Supply and demand must eventually rule. That’s normal.

(That said, in a mad mad world, normal can be a fleeting experience.)

So …

Right now there are more buyers than sellers out there. The difference is who is in town and who isn’t. Those in the lower reaches (i.e. not sunburning in Europe) are buying and selling. When the sunburnt return, expect buying and selling in Salubria.

Moderated or influenced by:

  • In Salubria, they’re just not building for sale any more
  • 9/10 of those who sell in Salubria, buy in Salubria
  • In Salubria, life changes force a significant number of sales

And then there are the tricks, stunts and novelties of the amusement park variety:

  • Chinese steeplechases. Off to winning starts then falling at the first hurdle, losing deposits to a fast horse called Currency Restrictions (which will also be a runner in the Spring market).


  • Agent A emails: “EOI great home @ $9.5-10.5m”
    A day later:
    Agent B (same agency) emails: “EOI great home @ $11.5-12.5m”
    At that rate give it a couple of months and the stamp duty will be enough to pay the State debt.
  • Edzell Avenue, rewind to 2010 prices. It sold for $5.5k/m. Seller in a hurry?

At the top, don’t wait for:

  • Ads in print or online
  • Phone calls

Off-market rules. The new medium is coffee.

“If you can keep your head…

… when all about you   
    Are losing theirs…”

Kept heads have done their homework. Thanks for the advice, Rudyard.

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