Bunny? Eggs? Really?

Sales that happen fast. Or don’t.

Sales with crowds queuing. Or not.

Sales that never happen because nobody moves.

It’s the way it is. Or isn’t

39 Albany Road. No big move.

“The prettiest house in Toorak,” according to someone we know.

It didn’t go far for a buyer. It’s an address about 500m away.

What’s Up?

You could ask an agent. You could ask a vendor. You could watch lips move or shoulders shrug.

Or you could ask a buyer. If you’re talking $15m+, they’re the ones who know.

$3m Surprise

37 Mary Street, Hawthorn. Expected to go for an about right $14/15m. Five waving hands took it to $18m.

Saves the move to Toorak.

Sizing things down

The downsizing started with an apartment that seemed like a good idea at the time.


An upsize and $9m later, 8A Mercer Road, Armadale is now home.

The perils of downsizing

… when there’s nothing that fits.

It’s too easy to: “It’ll have to do…”


$17m? Elwood? Really?


Looking for love (still)

  • 108 St Georges Road
  • 22 Stonnington Place
  • 12 Lansell Road

What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine. OK?

Agents attempting to sell other agents’ listings (never mind that the vendor did not choose them).

Agents calling other agents’ vendors.

And poor Pinocchio. Listings slip slip slipping away.

The other side of underquoting

Some truly stratospheric price estimates of what agents can achieve if only they have your listing.

If it sounds too good to be true…

Dear Easter Bunny

Forget the eggs. The world needs vendors.

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