Sinking or swimming?

There are sinkers and swimmers in the ever-intriguing river which is the top end.

Swimmers are mostly underwater, out-of-sight sales made quickly and quietly. Down there, you are in the know or out in the cold.

Sinkers? The no-ways. Save your grief and your money.

Then come the litmus tests. The exceptions with the lot. They chance the open market for all to see.

Keep an eye on 37 Irving Road.

The High Cost Of Sinking

Tens of thousands of promotional dollars sinking below the waters with nary a nibble.

5 Grosvenor Court Good place in the wrong place. Will a 2nd agent teach it to swim?
108 St Georges Road, In a  part of North Toorak littered with sinking houses.
12 Lansell Rd Yes! But for the flats to the north and the heritage issues (don’t say they weren’t warned).
21 Iona Avenue The For Sale sign would have faded by now – it’s become a tombstone.
7 Stonehaven Court Just one fault: P.R.I.C.E.

The Unluck of Linlithgow Road

Good land in Toorak is more than money in the bank. It is the bank.

It’s just that, in Linlithgow Road, withdrawals ain’t easy.

14 Linlithgow Road Started with hopes of $21-23m. Now it’s attempting to get wet at $19.5-21.45m
The Optimist Of Brighton
34 Were Street “Do I hear $22-24m?” A great house in a great spot but … who are they trying to kid?

The Puzzles Of Kooyong

So much at the top end is on the up. Then what’s going on in Kooyong?

4 Mernda Rd, Kooyong Sold for pennies over what was paid in 2021. Why? Paid too much going in.
4 Moralla Rd, Kooyong Sold for $7m. Published expectations $7.5-8m. Sense won. Two others in Moralla Road had similar fates.
2 Moralla Rd, Kooyong. Quoting $8.5-9m. To be a repeat performance?

Swimming. Smiling.

106 Park Street, South Yarra. Sitting pretty in the Domain hot spot. Deceased estate needing a lot of work. Position won. Expected $2m, went for $2.73m with five bidders.
34 Northcote Road, Armadale Expected $3.5-4m. Went beyond reason and $5m. with still a heap to spend.


Pinocchio cracks it!

Seeking attention for so long and at last he’s got it. Consumer Affairs Victoria has come knocking.

His fees have also gone down the rapids. There is little profit in ruined reputations.


Worry Worry Worry

We’re living in a worried world and those living at the top end are not immune. Europe is off many agendas. Ditto changing houses.

When there are sales, to accommodate both parties is taking negotiation like never before. Too many agents don’t know how that works.

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