“I’m sick of it.”

“Why is it so hard to find a home worth buying?”

We’re hearing laments like these too often to count. 

How can that be when it’s…

Spring. Busiest time of the year.

Last year.

Spring. When everyone wants to sell.

Last year.

This Spring.

Nothing doing.

Nothing in plain sight, that is.

What you see is where you look

“It’s all fine.”

“It’s a disaster.”

“The market is dead.”

“There’s nothing to buy.”

“I don’t see any problem.”

“There’s nothing to sell.”

“What’s the problem?”

Everywhere you look, another opinion. All informed by individual experience and/or wishful thinking.

Our experience?

At the top end, this Spring is as busy as most. Good AAA homes are there and they’re selling for what they should.

The difference is that so many are off-market.

It’s why so many buyers are now so frustrated. It’s why agents are not calling you back.

$10m+ buyers. Smarter than estate agents

One example. 2 Power Avenue.

It’s the price, people. The price.

Who wins an EOI?

Expressions Of Interest campaigns.

Who are they good for?

Not buyers. They’ve shown their hands even before they get to the table — playing poker against a bank that will change the rules whenever it chooses. Fictional bidders joining the game, leaving real bidders bidding against themselves? It happens.

But it’s not only buyers — everyone’s in the dark.

When agents are spending 80% of a marketing campaign budget promoting an EOI, the most tangible effect is to promote the agency.

So sellers lose.

Then who wins?

Yes. You’re right.

Hello, China

Interest is building again.

Once more, we’re being seen as the land of opportunity.

Friday lunch

Woe rules agents’ lunches. “In 20 years, it’s never been so hard to make a dollar.”

Has the tide really turned?

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