Is the peninsula sending a message?

If so, it’s a whisper. It’s been the quietist January since 1987.

A silence muted by two shelf-sitters, sitting since before Christmas at $18m Plus and $20m Plus.

Plus no offers. Too much Plus is a big Minus.

Why does the Peninsula matter? Because it often indicates what’s likely to happen in the wider market that follows. 


Up in the smoke (does anyone still smoke?), up in the smoke, at the very top, things have been cooking. Or not.

Things are grand

The good get going.

Malvern. Last week. Over $20m. Sold within 24 hours. Snap.

Toorak. Near $30m. Snapish.

Things are crook

90% of those who have gone to the market since Christmas are still waiting or have retired hurt. Too many too ambitious or too many fools rushing in?

Things are grand

Real life buyers are ready and waiting.

Things are crook

Why? The RBA? The Russians? The weather? Or sellers who won’t because there’s nothing they want to buy?

Same old story. It’s the sellers.

Things are grand

Wait a bit. Some once-in-a-generation homes are coming along.

Things are crook

The street where nothing sells has two for sale at $16m and $20m. A third is rumoured to be on the way at $16m.

Why are so many packing their bags?

Things are grand

Green shoots. Much activity across the board last week.

Including Brighton!

Including at the lower end of the market, where the RBA is supposed to have done its worst. One $2m home had 55 people through over the weekend. 

Is Lowenomics making a comeback?

Things are grand

Truffles, always, there to be found. All it takes is luck.

Or a grand nose.

And welcome to this year.

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