What goes around…

Some clarifications, and a cure for a hiccup.

Remember yesterday’s very small good street in South Yarra with three homes for sale between $12m and $18m?

Yes. Fulham Avenue.

A little bit of history: Two have already been offered to deafening silences and the third is “swinging in the breeze”.

The vendors, presumably, live on in hope.

Our Dork Of The Year Is A Shag On A Rock

There are some who have read between the lines and said: “Peninsula?”

Clever some. Yes, Peninsula.

But that’s not to disparage all the very good agents who prowl between the beaches. It’s only The Dork who is redefining the definition of idiot.

Some see the signs, some don’t

What does explain the gold rush we reported yesterday?

Things had been going nicely but then some very high profile people and properties ran into brick walls and decided that this wasn’t the time to sell.

And then along came the unleashed optimists with their recipes for disappointment. What were their agents thinking? Were they thinking?

Consider yesterday’s unreadable hiccup (it looked good in the preview). 

This? This is still not normal…
Is there really a market for all this? 

Or will the clever be picking up the pieces post Christmas?

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