It’s hot. It’s not. It’s hot. It’s…

The last few months has seen the least market activity in 10 years.

Top end auctions? What are they?

We live in interesting times

25 Hawthorn Grove went over the weekend for $8.02m against a reserve of $7.3m.

$7.3m was the flame that drew three moths to bid. It duly burnt two of them. Underquotes can do that.

Let’s Play Expressions Of Interest

All cards are on the table. The agent’s table. Neither buyers nor sellers can be sure of anything and that’s how the agents play it.

50 Clendon Road. Finally sold after wait wait waiting for for $23.5m. The hope was for $25m.

The higher it goes, the more likely it is that only one buyer will come out to play.

The big EOI worry? That you’ll be bidding against a phantom — bidding against yourself.

No Court? No Pool?

Not in Toorak. Check the web. Not a one for sale.


Except last week we could have shown you seven.

(It’s who/what you know.)

The Tax Man Cometh

Flinders/Red Hill was hot, hot, hot right up until land tax notices brought a chill and buyers disappeared. Now they’re nowhere to be seen and agents are left doing three or four appraisals a day leading up to what could be a very busy Spring.

Leopard. Spots. Pinocchio.

He’s still at it. Doesn’t show a comparable sale in Malvern even though C.A.V. L.A.W. demands it. Even though he has first-hand knowledge of at least two sales within two months within 100 metres.

C.A.V. Bags 47

By our measure, 20-30% of agents’ price indications don’t come near reality.

All out for 47 is not a winning score.

The Price Or The Agent?

325 Walsh Street, South Yarra. Listed mid-May.

The hottest spot in Melbourne and it’s still there.

Waiting for Spring?

Don’t dress up. Early signs are that vendors aren’t ready to party.

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