Where did everyone go?

Tis the season to be jolly. Jolly somewhere else. Somewhere warm.

Taking their cue from the plovers, snipes and stints, those top enders who have bought somewhere to move have hit the migrate button.

Chasing them into Tulla’s First Class lounge are agents bearing contracts. It’s as close to a trip they’ll get because…

Agents are going nowhere

Long months of little to sell have left them tied to phones in cold offices, desperate to fill their shelves by Spring.

Meanwhile, anyone with a top end or near to top end shack to sell has been killed in the rush:

  • Rockley Road. Mid 10’s. 5 offers.
  • Albany Road. 55-60. 5 offers.
  • Clendon Road. Mid 40’s. 5 offers.
  • Fawkner Street. $6.8. Really? Really.

Low stock can do that.

Take a look at Brighton

Yes, Brighton!

12 Dudley Street. A whisker over $20m (against a rumoured $23m off-market offer.) (Ouch.)
25-27 Kent Avenue. Just under the $25m paid a year ago (and the winner is … Stamp Duty!).

Agents behaving badly (cont’d)

It has been busy in Brighton. The Games continue.

“I’m passing the property in and giving exclusive rights to…”

Tick. Tick. Tick.

“I’ll just take this call. Hello … you’ll offer that much?”

Tick. Tick. Tick.

“Sorry, people, I know I said exclusive but we’ve had another offer…”

No. You haven’t. We have an exclusive. The auction is over.

And the rules ruled. It ended there.

Or is this another for Consumer Affairs?


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