Toorak vs Brighton. What’s Up?

That unfamiliar sound you can hear in the streets of Toorak is the wind playing its song through all those leaves. It’s a tune called Nothing Doing.

Buyers, sellers, agents — anybody who is anybody is off-market.

Brighton? There’s a big brass band playing Sold! Sold! Sold! 

No surprise. It often happens when talk turns to interest rate rises.

’Tis The Season For $60m?

17 St Georges Road. There’s a very good chance you’ve heard it’s for sale at “$60-70 million.”

But why now? And how is it not off-market?

It’s not the time of year which favours sellers (too many buyers have disappeared in the lust for sand or snow) and seriously high-end homes almost always find their buyers via who knows whom.

That said, those who don’t have to think about the millions will still have a fair deal to ponder. Heritage questions will loom over any ideas of renovations. It may be years before it’s ready to move in.

That said, it is a simply beautiful home.

The AuctioneerSub $10m. There’s no next, next?

Agents are muttering. “Nobody wants me. Nobody will want me.”

At sub-$10m there’s usually two to three months between the decision to sell and opening the doors, so by now agents should be getting a feel about what to expect come Spring.

Right now that’s too little for comfort. Looks like a long long winter.

fear and wonderOff Market is On On On

“I would have killed for that, but I didn’t even know it was for sale.”

Over $20m there are more and more homes to drool for, but you’ll probably need help to hear about them. 

Where are you, XXX?

You cannot sell AAA homes while playing with sand castles in Greece. You must at least have someone in your office who can answer a phone.

EOFY Farewell

That’ll be another Financial Year all wrapped up and, with it, new brooms in agencies and old stayers hanging up their boots. Farewell Arch, Greg, Graham and so many others leaving at the top of their game.

It’s been a lot of fun over the years.

Winter Chills

Covid? That Covid? A replay? Looks like it.

Market asleep until the next school hols? Please, no.

One to ignore

Auction clearance rates. They mean nothing at the top end — there just aren’t enough auctions to cheer up a statistician.

Off-market clearance rates? You’ll never know.

Gratuitous Advice

Stay warm.


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