The news is … there’s more news!

The real estate news is gloom, doom, interest rates, pass-ins, more gloom, more doom…

That’s it? That’s all there is?

No no no. And no.

Up at the top, the news is (big) business as usual.

4 sales over $20m in 1 week

That’s not a market hitting the skids.

Two were public with multiple bidders, two off-market. That’s half a dozen miss-outers wandering Toorak with $20m+ burning holes in the pockets of their tailored jeans.

A silver lining? They’re sales which will lead to more trophy homes coming onto the market.

So it goes. It’s how the top end’s wheels turn around.

There’s a but?

There’s always a but. If those homes are not sensibly priced, they may spend forever on the shelf.

4 Huntingfield Road, Toorak. Originally offered at $15m, finally made sense at $9.9m
32 Sargood Street, Toorak. $14m? No. $11m? Yes.

And there’s more

Good trophy homes (especially in Hawthorn) are hitting the market at a time when in years gone by those with the cheque books have left for fields of sun or snow.

Has the election changed anything? Other than adding a job-seeker here and there, no.

Things are a bit panicky in SYD (that’s typical) but MEL sails on.

Last week’s litmus test

Land. 1 Blackfriars Close, Toorak. On the market at $3.860m and sold for $4.120m with 4 bidders. A shade over $10,000/sqm. About right. The appetite is still there.

fear and wonderAll Talk

The agent who says Point Lonsdale has gone up 53% in a year. Really?

The agents who tell you they have gems to offer in South Yarra, Malvern, Armadale or Brighton. 

All Action

Crunch time. Put a cheque and a contract on the table when others are still making up their minds. Put a time on it.

Wait for: “If we’d known that was what it would go for, we would have paid more.”


Dear Underquoters,

Expect a visit from your fun-loving Consumer Affairs Victoria partygoers. They have your number.

Even in Toorak? Especially in Toorak.


… the next time. Stay safe.

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