April 2011

Mokoleaks reveals: The silence that deafens

That shrieking klaxon you can’t hear? That’s a submarine making a crash dive and keeping it very quiet. It’s a very nice, very expensive submarine. All the bells and whistles. A top end submarine. It’s Melbourne’s top end real estate market. And now it’s diving. Then why can’t you hear the alarm? [pullquote]…everyone is staying quiet-as-mice […]

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What’s on your mind?

What’s on everyone’s mind? There’s a significantly better-than-even chance it’s not real estate. Certainly not at the top end. There’s just not enough good stuff around to exercise anyone’s imagination. [pullquote]…you may as well go back to sleep until the bunny has been and gone.”[/pullquote]OK, there are exceptions such as that below, but unless there’s

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