May 2018

Dancing In The Dark

So much going on, so little to be seen. Widening gulfs between advertised prices and what ends up being paid. Agents running from home to home, killing lights at every switch. More EOI’s and private auctions at all levels. Agents putting Putin to shame in concealing prices and buyer knowledge — and often that there […]

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Is time money?

Yes. It really is, but in MEL real estate, whether it’s your money or someone else’s depends on what you’re buying or selling as much as when. You’re buying AAA? Right now, time is against you. True AAAs have never been harder to find and there’s an ever-growing number of those who’ll pay to snap

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The New Normal? No Normal

Woemongers stalk the streets: “There’s nothing to sell.” Behind closed doors, three bidders stream past $30m. Normal? That was then. Silent Running It’s a submarine thing. Nothing to be seen on the surface (see Woemongers above) but intense action below (see $30m). Web surfers and agent ringarounders are no longer in the game. Agents working

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