March 2015

Boom to Bust?

“Where the top end leads, the rest follows.” It’s been the way for 30 years. And with a vengeance since Christmas. But how high can it go? There are endless theories, but we’re running out of precedents. We’re now flying well above the fundamentals and up here there are no track records. On one hand it’s very […]

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A Bubble At The Top?

We’d love to say that the market has changed a gear and has entered a predictable new normal, but… We’ve seen bubbles before and the operative word is Pop (or, a few years ago when the banks got real: pffffft). What we’re seeing now is not agent hype or media gullibility. Prices really have jumped

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Party time!

When the talk among the agents moves from the iniquities of school fees and the scarcity of innocent parties ready to put their hands in their pockets to sunny thoughts around which side of the Equator beckons this winter, whether it should be a Merc or a Beemer and is Saville Row still the go,

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